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Looking for IT & computer Support in Ireland?
IT Guys provide ad hoc and contract based IT support for a large range of businesses.

Located in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin’s City Centre we provide remote and onsite support for any sort of IT Issue.

We pride ourselves not only our quick response times to our clients, but our willingness and ability to resolve any issues that they may encounter.

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Business IT Support

Do you have a small to medium business that needs IT support or consulting?

We provide support to a range of businesses like, small/medium offices, bars & restaurants, hotels, medical practices, home offices and much more.



Office / General Business

Do you have an office / building that needs a computer network? IT Guys provide services like;

  • Office Setups – create a computer network from scratch. Infrastructure, cabling, computer hardware, internet connections and much more.

  • Business Email – use your company’s domain/website at the end of your email address. Get setup on office365.

  • Business Wi-Fi – high powered business class Wi-Fi installed into your office, you can have a network for staff’s mobile devices and separate for guests.

  • Shared Documents & Data – allow your staff to easily share files across computers and your network with a file server.

  • Company Backups – be sure all your sensitive data is safe by allowing us to setup and monitor daily backups.

  • Custom software – setup, support and consulting for your company's software, accountancy packages like sage and more.

  • VOIP Phones – get away from regular analogue phones and use a VOIP phone system, customizable phones and transferring.

  • Security – ensure only your staff has access to your data, upon entering a support contract we would audit your current setup for security risks.

Office Setups


Bars & Restaurants


Do you manage or own a pub, bar or restaurant? Do you need public Wi-Fi or changes to your current setup? IT Guys can help your premises with;

  • Network Setup – a lot of bars and restaurants will have older hardware that will bottleneck their network, Wi-Fi and internet speed. We can audit your network and advise network upgrades.

  • Business Emails –  get customized email accounts for your business, more secure and reliable email servers for taking reservations and more.

  • Guest Wi-Fi – if you have existing Wi-Fi that could be working better or need a brand-new setup, we can advise, install and configure a Wi-Fi network to your specific requirements. Whether it be creating a separate staff and guest Wi-Fi network, throttling bandwidth on guests and more.

  • Printers – if your printers don’t always act as they should we can troubleshoot the issue on the spot after you let us know of the issue, with the fastest possible repair time.

  • Credit card terminals – with network upgrades and backup internet connections we can allow a much higher uptime percentage and support for card terminals.

Bar & Restaurants IT Support


Hotels & Accommodation

Are you a hotel owner or manager who needs IT services for your staff and guests? We help with services like;

  • Staff network – you should be doing continuous upkeep on your computers, especially those that checking guests and run your booking software. We can help with continuous computer updates, security and support.

  • Business Email – Get your hotels name domain added to your website or get moved to a new mail server. Find out how Office365 can be better than your current mail server.

  • Guest Wi-Fi – get the latest Wi-Fi routers and technology for your guests. IT Guys can support and upgrade your existing setup, or work with you to implement a brand-new guest Wi-Fi network.

  • Shared Data – Access shared documents and data on your network. Only allow certain users access to any folders, create management and accounts folders and more.

  • Data Backups –  IT Guys will backup and monitor all your important documents and data like accountancy data.

  • Servers – do you have a server that runs your booking software, accounting packages and file shares? IT Guys provide support contracts and consulting on your servers.

  • Credit cards & Payments – if you credit card terminals have issues we can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot the issue and get it back online in the fastest possible time.

Hotel B&B IT Support


Medical Practices

Are you a general practitioner or work in healthcare? IT Guys provide support for GP's, healthcare facilitates and pharmacy's.


  • Network setup – your staff’s machines are important when processing patients. We do continuous upkeep, monitoring and on the spot troubleshooting of your computers, so you can be sure they run throughout the busy day.

  • Company Emails – get a more secure mail server. With integrated antispam and a 50GB mailbox size, you will never lose any emails.

  • Data backup - we know how important your data is and take care when managing it. Allow IT Guys to implement both a local backup of your data and a cloud backup. Making 2 copies of your data in case of disaster.

  • Server & Software – if you run third party healthcare software, we can help keep your software and server running healthy, with constant monitoring, updates and more.

Doctor & Medical IT Support


Non-Profit / Charity

Are you a Charity or non-profit organisation? On top of the rest of our support services, we help non-profits get the technology they need to help their mission. With philanthropies from Microsoft and other companies, we get you discounts you wouldn’t have previously known about.
We help a range of non-profits in Ireland. Call us today to see how we can help your organisation.



Our IT support and consulting can apply to any range of business. Contact us today and tell us about your specific requirements, and we can be sure to cater for your business needs.



IT Guys Computer Support


IT Services


Office / Network Setups

New Setup

Are you looking to build an office setup from scratch or change an existing one?

IT Guys provide full office setups and consulting for best practices. In a new office you will need to decide on;

  • Infrastructure & cabling
  • Computer hardware & Software
  • Internet connections & failovers
  • Firewall & Networking equipment
  • VOIP Phones & Printing
  • Staff Wi-Fi

And more.

IT Guys can advise and build this network for you, with our extensive experience on office setups we can cater to any needs.

Existing Setup

If you are looking to rebuild your current network you can increase your staff’s productivity, decrease your risk of internet downtime which could lead to lost revenue and more with an upgrade to your network. With an audit of your current setup, we can advise on the latest technology to compliment the current work you are doing.

Office / Network Setups


Business Email

If you own a domain or website i.e, you can create email accounts with your websites suffix.

Microsoft's Office365

Email Support

Office365 is a cloud platform for business with features like;

Exchange online

Microsoft's email server, a top of the class platform for your emails. It has integrated antispam and a 50GB mailbox size. You can access your emails from anywhere in a web browser at, on your phone or in a mail program like outlook.


OneDrive & SharePoint

Get a massive 1 Terabyte of cloud storage per office365 account.

OneDrive is a personal cloud file storage, let Microsoft store your files and allow you to access your files from your PC, laptop or phone from anywhere.

SharePoint is a cloud based file server allowing access from anywhere, set permissions to certain folders so only specific users can access, and share your files to anyone who needs access. All from within the office365 webpage.

Office Online

Get your favourite Office apps on demand – programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote can be accessed from anywhere with your Microsoft account.

Office Suite

The full office suit, Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Skype and more. You will receive the latest version automatically, the current version 2016 with all updates. Your program will continue to update directly from office365, so you get the latest office features.

Business Essentials

  • Exchange online
  • OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Office Online

Business Premium

  • Exchange online
  • OneDrive & SharePoint
  • Office Online
  • Office Suite (5 installs)

Email and Office365 Support


Business Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi can be a hassle if not done correctly. From clients not being able to connect to the range not reaching all of your business. Let us look after your whole network so you have one less thing to worry about as you run your business.


Guest Wi-Fi

New Install
Let IT Guys install and configure a guest Wi-Fi network for your business. With top of the range 802.11AC wireless, you can get superfast speed and a reliable connection for your guests. With roaming capabilities, so your guests only need to connect once.
For Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, B&B’s and more.


  • Audit your premises – find the best locations to place Wi-Fi units.
  • Estimate cost – clear pricing on what exactly will needs to be done
  • Install – install discrete Wi-Fi units around your building
  • Configure – Call your Wi-Fi network anything you like, with any password you like. You can have up to 4 unique Wi-Fi networks for any specific area or need. 
  • Monitor – IT Guys then constantly monitor your network, should any issues arise we will know about it before you do. Leading to a fast incident to repair time.


Existing Install

If you have an existing guest Wi-Fi network, we can provide support contracts to maintain your setup. And continuously monitor your setup, so you don’t have to worry about it.
Or if you don’t believe your Wi-Fi is powerful enough we can advise on upgrades that will help bring it up to a modern Wi-Fi network.
Contact us today for a Wi-Fi network audit.


Staff Wi-Fi

Do you have number of staff that work with laptops and mobile devices?
We provide a range of superfast Wi-Fi routers that will maximize your staff’s productivity.
Consumer grade access points may not suffice, allow us to install business class Wi-Fi and equipment on your premises.

Ask us how our superfast Wi-Fi can help you today.

Business WiFi Ireland


Shared Documents & Data

How does your business currently share resources and documents with each other? Are these files secure and backed up regularly? Or are they susceptible to disasters and viruses?
One form of ransomware, virus or hardware failure could mean a loss of all your companies documents.
Let us view your current setup and advise on best practices for your business.

Local file server

Run a local file server in your premises, this allows for multiple layers of permissions. Have a unique folder structure for Management, Accounts, HR, all only allowing permissions to the correct users.
Then configure a local backup for this file server, creating a disaster recovery plan.


Cloud file server

Run SharePoint for your file sharing, a cloud platform ran in Microsoft’s office365. Users can access from their desktop, from home or from any mobile device. All documents are stored in Microsoft’s remote servers and allow access from anywhere.
Create unique folder structures for your business.

Find out today which option is best for your business.

Shared Company Documents



Company Backups 


Do you monitor your backups daily? Do you receive alerts if any fail and as to why?

Computer and data backups are something that need to be monitored and tested regularly or they will be at a large risk of being useless.

IT Guys provide a managed backup service in which we install both reliable local and cloud based backups, so you have multiple backup locations should a disaster happen.

With MozyPro, we receive alerts if anything fails and why. In case of data loss your files and stored on a secure cloud, which can then be retrieved if needed.


MozyPro is complaint with;

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
  • International Organization for Standardization/ International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC
  • 27001)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(HIPAA)

And more.

Cloud Backup Ireland


Business Printing


Whether you print on a large scale or just odd document jobs, IT Guys provide support, troubleshooting and maintenance on printers.


Existing install

If you already own a printer we can support and maintain it under a support contract. Printers will normally need some form of upkeep and IT Guys can provide fast support for when you need it.


New Install

If you are looking for a new printer to help save costs on ink/toner, we can help you decide on the best device for your exact needs. We can then continue to maintain and support the printer for you, so you don’t have to worry and go about running your business.

Ask us today about a standalone print service.

Printing Support Ireland



Network Security


Your businesses network and data may be open to anyone now and you wouldn’t know it. Computer security gets looked over too easily for such an important thing.

Let IT Guys audit the security of your network, testing if anyone can gain access. If you have public Wi-Fi or even are connected to the internet you could you vulnerable.

From a network audit, we can lock down any local vulnerabilities and advise on the latest high-tech firewalls, which will act as a barrier to your network.

No one is safe from the threats online, along with the network security we would advise backups and disaster recovery plans, let us take your security into our hands.

Network Security


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