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Classroom Computing

The problem: You have introduced teacher laptops and smart boards. The value has been proven but the next step is to give students their own computers. But…

  • You have seen how students become distracted by the technology and teachers struggle to control the classroom.
  • It’s expensive and hard to maintain twenty plus computers.
  • Teachers turn into IT technicians.

The Solution: Microsoft Multipoint

This is a new technology that allows a single computer provide computing to several for several students. This significantly reduces purchase and support.

Multipoint allows the teacher to see what every student is doing, call students to attention and keep the class on course. Best of all Multipoint has been designed from the ground up to be easy to use allowing the teacher to focus on teaching, not on technology.

Talk to IT Guys for a free demonstration of Microsoft Multipoint for your school and see how it can deliver the classroom computing you need in a cost effective manner and keeping.

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